The Origins of My Hustle: Lessons Learned at Grandma's House

The Origins of My Hustle: Lessons Learned at Grandma's House

In the world of entrepreneurship, they say that the hustle is something you're born with—a relentless drive to succeed, to overcome obstacles, and to make things happen. But where does this hustle come from? For me, it all started at my grandma's house.

Growing up, I spent more time at my grandma's house than I did at my own. As one of the last grandchildren before a wave of great-grandchildren came along, my 2 cousins whom are brothers, sister, and I formed a tight-knit crew of four, ranging in age from 5 to 8. It was at Grandma's that we learned some of life's most valuable lessons, particularly in the art of hustle.

You see, my granddaddy was the patriarch of our family, a man who had seen his fair share of challenges, having served in the Vietnam War. Despite his hearing impairment, which he acquired during his service, Granddaddy had a sharp mind and an even sharper sense of humor. He was also a master of card games, and he made sure we learned every card game in the book.

To play cards after Sunday school should have been a big NO!  We had just learned about Jesus Christ and reading bible scriptures.  Before we could hit the door Granddaddy would have a deck of cards shuffled, quarters at the ready, we would gather around the table in our Sunday best, much to Grandma's disapproval. But Granddaddy didn't mind; he relished in teaching us the tricks of the trade, from pitty pat to tunk, blackjack, etc.

Of course, Granddaddy had a few tricks up his sleeve—literally. He would slyly peek at the cards coming up in the deck, ensuring his victory more often than not. And if we dared to employ the same tactics, we were swiftly reprimanded with a stern "Aht! Stop cheating!"

Despite his victories, Granddaddy was generous in his winnings. After the game, he would dole out a dollar to each of us—enough to treat ourselves to an icee and a candy bar from the neighborhood candy lady. In the summertime, he'd even throw in an extra dollar for a hot dog. A luxury that now seems like a relic of the past.

Looking back, I realize that those card games weren't just about entertainment; they were a crash course in hustle. We learned the value of strategy, the importance of resilience, and the joy of reaping the rewards of our efforts. And though Grandma may have scolded us for our antics, I like to think she secretly admired our entrepreneurial spirit.

Today, as I navigate the world of business on the, I carry with me the lessons learned at Grandma's house. My hustle isn't just a trait—it's a legacy passed down through generations, a reminder of where I come from and the values that shape my journey. So here's to Grandma, Granddaddy, and the sweet hustle of victory with my weekend entrepreneurial skills.

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